Glass, Custom and Tiled Splashbacks

Are you looking for Glass and Custom Splashbacks, Tiling or something just a little bit different? Well look no further, as we have solutions to suit all tastes and budgets.


Our standard Glass Splashbacks are made from 6mm toughened glass, with upgrade options to 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm thicknesses, so you can also match your splashback to, say, custom glass shelving.

Our colour palette is also limitless. To keep costs to a minimum we have a standard basic colour range of vibrant flat colours and subtle muted tones, through to sparkly and metallic colours. Should you wish to have something just a little bit more unique, we then offer the full 264 colours in the RAL colour palette. Then you have the further option of all the standard BS colours (typically standard paint colours), the Pantone colour palette and then uniquely colour matched solutions. We have, in the past, matched fabric samples, dog hair and handbags to achieve the desired look.

If you choose to go somewhat different with your glass, we can offer mirror effects, pictures printed on glass, stripes and designs inspired by the top interior designers plus very personal, hand drawn imagery to boot.

Cutouts, any shapes and power sockets can all be incorporated into your glass and you can extend this as much as you like in your room. The possibilities are endless.

There are two versions of glass splashbacks currently in the UK. Toughened and NOT toughened. The latter NOT toughened tends to be the cheap imports but have a terrible habit of cracking and breaking over time and, obviously, wasting considerable money. We only sell TOUGHENED Glass which gives longevity, reliability and a much better end result.


Splashbacks that match your surface are still a popular interior design feature and can be shaped to most sizes and positions.


Ever popular tiling, especially in the kitchen and utility room, is a further option and we can assist in co-ordinating your interior design projects with a vast array of ceramics and porcelain tiles. Just talk to us during your initial consultations for more details.